Digital X-Ray Sensors

Save Money!
No more paying for expensive x-ray chemicals and film! Digital X-rays are environmentally friendly by totally eliminating darkroom chemical waste.

Make more Money!
See more patients with instant X-rays. No more waiting for the film to develop!

Diagnose Easier
Images are instantly available for viewing and manipulating after shooting an X-ray. Use software tools with image-enhancement capabilities such as magnification, contrast, and coloring to easily diagnose the most complex dental conditions.

Safer for Patients
Digital X-ray sensors require up to 90% less radiation! Especially valuable for children, elderly, and pregnant women. Your patient will love you for this and tell their friends.

Get Payments Faster
Digital X-rays can be sent with electronic claims, resulting in faster insurance payments. With electronic X-ray claim submission, you no longer need to wait 90 days for payments on crowns and bridges.

Take Faster X-rays
Take and retake x-rays continually with immediate results. Quickly, ensure you have the perfect x-ray, or that you actually hit the end of the root. Save your patients time not having to wait while traditional films are developed.

Educate Patients
Zoom into the x-ray to explain to your patient exactly what work needs to be done.


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