Extraoral Cameras

The simplest extraoral camera ever!!

Featuring a modified small format digital camera. The camera weighs under a pound and fits into the palm of almost any hand. The camera is capable of accomplishing the full range of dental photography with ease from the 1:1 extreme close-up of a posterior quadrant to anterior, lateral, and all mirror photos including occlusals and linguals. The camera also works great for portraits and personal photography.

Pixelease Imaging Software

Is included in the Digital Solution Kit. Pixelease is a program designed for image management, cosmetic imaging, and printing. It is capable of creating patient files with images. Users can record and cross reference data, run slide shows, and lay the images out for printing. Included printing templates allow for before and after, the typical orthodontic layout, letter writing, plus much more. In addition the program includes a full module for cosmetic imaging, allowing for such common imaging tasks as diastema closure, whitening, lengthening, smile gallery simulation and composite filling simulation. The capability of the imaging software is virtually endless and is designed to rival the high end dental imaging software found on the market.

The full package includes:
Modified 8 Mega Pixel Camera
Direct Connect downloading cable
Pixelease Imaging Software
Hard Carrying Case
Cheek Retractors
Intra-oral Mirror
Rechargeable battery and charger
1GB Memory Card
Memory Card Reader
Lifetime Telephone Support
US Warranties

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