Patient Entertainment Systems

The most effective way to calm patients is to entertain (or distract) them.

Since their introduction in 1996, Head Mounted Displays have established themselves as the premier patient distraction and entertainment system within the dental industry. The reason for this is simple; HMDs are the only video entertainment device that can both immerse and focus the patient's attention away from the procedures being performed. The patented optical design and high resolution micro-display technology combine to deliver a giant screen image with superb clarity. Thousands of dentists, hygienists, doctors and nurses are using our head mounted display systems.

  • Connect to DVDs or VCRs and most TVs
  • Comfortable for all Patients
  • Plug & Play Simplicity
  • Compact design does not interfere with dental procedures
  • Thousands in use nationwide

The system consists of two basic components: a personal audio-visual viewing system (“video eyewear” connected to a DVD player) and a media rental subscription service, similar to Netflix.

The difference between our programming and Netflix is that each television show or movie comes with a short (45 second) presentations that inform every patient about high-margin services like tooth whitening and veneers. So it helps you market important services while making your patients happy.


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